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We’ve been in business for almost a year now. In that time we’ve seen flowers being sent for birthdays, anniversaries, deaths, thank you’s and congratulations to name but a few. Lots of lovely messages and pics (you can send a selfie with our bouquets) which has renewed our faith in love and friendships. You lot are amazing. During the last few months we’ve gathered together some of the more clever ideas our amazing customers have had and now we’re going to share them with you.

  1. Invited to someone’s house for dinner? Why not send them a bouquet of flowers the day before. That way they (a) don’t need to go out and get more flowers (b) they won’t be too hassled to position them properly as can often happen when you arrive on the night with flowers. #restinginthesink.
  2. This is one for the guys in particular – when you’re ordering a bouquet for your loved one why not order a ‘mini version’ for your son/daughter. They’ll be made up…besides everything is better in miniature size!
  3. Teaming your blooms with another gift such as a candle prolongs the life of your gift ie. flowers for now and a candle for later. The brownie points just keep adding up (we have that candle gifting option now by the way!)
  4. Sending flowers to your bestie – just telling them they are your bestie is ranked up there as one of the nicest things you can do.
  5. Ordering flowers for your Mum or Dad on days other than special occasions never goes astray either.

We hope this gives you inspiration on how you can make someone’s day…. and yourself a complete flower hero.

x Team Bloomtown