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Everything is blooming at Easter which makes decorating a little easier and more fun than in those dark winter months. We have come up with 3 simple ideas for your home this Easter which can be done easily and effectively (who has the time for much else right?).

  1. Easter Tree – cut a branch of cherry blossom (everywhere at the moment), place in a jar or vase and decorate with small easter egg decorations. This can look really effective on a hall table or side table and the kids love helping with this one.
  1. Bunny napkin fold – check out Better Homes and Garden’s video on how to do a bunny napkin fold…must admit haven’t tried yet but looks totes doable….. https://youtu.be/mk7N-Rsv408
  1. Posy on up – whatever shaped table you have, a posse of spring posy’s can be a great way of decorating your Easter table. You can bunch them together or spread them out – even mixing them up with candles. We’ve made things even simpler here for you too.  Our Posy on up (available on the website and App) features 6 of these mini milk glass bottles delivered arranged with an array of gorgeous spring flowers. You simply add them to your table in whatever combination you like best. Simple to order, delivered to your door…that’s your Easter table sorted.

Happy Easter everyone from Team Bloomtown x