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Having launched at the end of 2016 we have one Valentine’s Day under our belt. We learned some interesting stuff from last year that we thought we’d pass along to you. Some cool things that our customers asked us to do or that they did themselves. You never know..it might give you a couple of ideas.

  1. Send your bouquet early. A significant number of our customers sent flowers to their sweetheart’s office the day before Valentine’s Day. We can only guess that they didn’t want to be predictable and wanted to maintain the element of surprise. The good news is that because it falls on a Wednesday this year it’s easy to do!
  2. Many of our customers last year decided to think slightly outside the box when it came to the choice of flower type. Even though red roses are classy and traditional your loved one might actually like something else. Another benefit of thinking differently is that red roses double and sometimes triple in price at this time of year so it may be that you actually get more value for money too. Our ‘alternative’ valentine’s options sold as much as our traditional last year. This year we have introduced a novel tulip bouquet called Bloom with a View which is a fresh, spring like alternative.
  3. Shower them with flowers. You can’t go wrong. If you really want to impress go big. Our OMG bouquet is filled to the brim with over 50 stems, its huge and for €150 it’s guaranteed to impress.
  4. The more personal you can make something the better. Our customers last year used the Bloomtown App to upload pics from their camera rolls for their message cards to totally personalize their bouquet. Cutie couple pics, pics of babies, dogs..you name it. It’s a gorgeous way of sending a card and flowers all from your phone in minutes.
  5. Our cutest request last year?…..One of our customers asked us to do a mini version of his wife’s bouquet for his daughter. We…can’t even…. We’ll of course do that for our customers this year if they just drop us a line.

We hope this gives you inspiration on how you can make someone’s day this Valentine’s…. and yourself a complete flower hero.

x Team Bloomtown