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Turn on your ‘listening ears’…….Podcasts for Mums

As a tech company I thought it would be interesting to take a ‘tech slant’ on Mother’s day and cover the subject of Podcasts. People either love Podcasts or they have never figured out what they are (if you have an iphone they are the pre-populated purple coloured App).

Podcasts have literally saved my sanity as a busy working mum – the fact that you can be mentally stimulated while doing mundane tasks like commuting, laundry, cleaning or cooking has helped me hugely. Listening to podcasts that specialise in the things I am interested in without the interruptions of ads or music really feels like I am being spoken to. When you don’t have the time to read and talk-radio seems repetitive and depressing then podcasts are yer man.

With Mother’s day looming on the 26th March I have put together some ‘Mommy Podcasts’ that I love listening to. They are targeted at Mums with small kids in general but some also cover relationships and wider issues too.

Totally Married
Elizabeth Laime and her husband Andy have two small kids. While technically not a ‘mommy’ podcast it does cover parenting issues and gives unqualified advice to people who write in with their relationship/career/kid problems. She’s a comedy writer and he’s a music producer and they live in LA….I think I might be a bit obsessed with them actually and I wait for their weekly podcast to be uploaded every Monday morning. A little bit sad?

One Bad Mother
This tells it like it really is. Topics like ‘Do I have to like my kid’s friend’s? Am I doing this right? The kicker is that real Mums leave voicemails of their spectacular ‘fails’ which are hilarious and relatable. Its very ‘American’ but still brilliant.

Respectful Parenting – Janet Lansbury Unruffled
When you just can’t figure out what you are doing wrong with your tantruming -testing toddler….. Janet’s take on the world will soothe you instantly and help you try a different approach.

Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin
Ok so this is not technically a ‘Mommy podcast’ but the sound of Alec Baldwin’s voice interviewing very interesting people just relaxes me and transports me to a different world. Sigh.

Happy Mother’s Day and happy listening from everyone at Bloomtown x